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Manifesto of Value
The truths of value:
  1. The creation of true value is an act of good.
  2. The destruction of value is an act of evil.
  3. To take value, without giving value in return, is an act of evil as well.
Knowing this, and knowing that emotional value is just as much a value as any piece of gold, I hold this to be evident: A system which rewards the creation of value is a system which is good.

The truths of systems:
  1. A system which is complex is harder to regulate.
  2. A system which tries to control people by force is inflexible and restricts freedom.
  3. A system which is simple takes less time, money, effort, etc. to maintain.
Knowing this, I hold that free-market capitalism, with a minimal, libertarian government, is about as good as it gets.

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