Thanks for everything you guys! I'll miss you!

Eric was out of touch for about three weeks up until the site crashed. No one noticed until after the fact. He'd been very busy looking for stylist gigs leading into Paris fashion week, and we figured he had more important things going on than the site. A couple posts came up with his name on Fat’s telenet but we figured they were trolls from /PA/-- but there was that one about the upcoming Lang show, and lo and behold if you look back through the show, there he is in his signature custom HH bubble jack, the Japan only sample he got for pence on orb. He’s sitting right behind Gaultier up near the front. You can see that awful bowl cut he refused to let go of. -

Eric’s known for the website and all the fashion stuff, but the Eric I knew in uni was a completely different story. He'd barely just gotten into fashion then-- someone bought him this Dowland tee, I think his sister, and he wore it basically everyday with some athletic shorts and ancient reeboks. He was a history major with disciplines in ancient and medieval. He was really into old occult texts-- was always reading Crowley and old hermetic qabbalistic texts and following anthro/archaeo journals. He was obsessed with using the phrase 'cut from the same cloth.' He had longer hair then, this was before the bowl cut we all know and love. I walked into his room once and he was sitting in front of a typewriter he'd bound in muslin, reading some text he found in the stacks and writing certain paragraphs in some code he'd found scrawled in the back of an earlier translation. We grew apart a bit around this time, I finding myself in a much rowdier crowd and Eric growing into hisself in his own way, alone. it was a total surprise to find out he ran care tags after I'd been posting on it for a month or two.

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