As promised...

1/16/2015 9:24 PM

I'm wholly ignoring this space.

Today's fun story: when Beth took the car to get the emissions checked, they wouldn't do it because the "ABS" and "Brake" lights were on. They've been on awhile, now. The car still stops, so we've not given it much thought.

Tires Plus couldn't figure it out (they gave us the trouble codes, though, and I tried to figure it out using the online Chilton's library accessible through the Longmont Public Library website, but couldn't), so we took it to the dealer. Well, not the dealer, but a dealer. They looked it over and declared it as $2200 fix.

$2200. On a 10-year-old car with 96000 miles on it. Grotesque.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm taking it to a friend's place, and we're going to dig that GD lamp out, so we can get the car tested. Maybe someday we'll replace the part (it's the brake actuator, which is the magic device that makes traction control and ABS happen) but not today.

We may try and reset the codes; if that works but only briefly, I'll kludge something up to live under the dash and constantly issue the "clear error" command. That will be easier than trying to get the dash open.

Although, if I can get the dash open, maybe I can finally add the aux input to the stereo that I've always wanted...


12/25/2014 12:26 AM

I really need to change the background and color of this page.

Cringe-worthy project names

12/25/2014 12:06 AM

Well, added my first link over on the ol' sidebar tonight.

The project is called "Textduino". It started as a text-adventure engine written to work on an Arduino. It's morphed into something larger--a project for me to flex my C++ muscles a bit. Since I'm using bare C++ with the GNU C++ compiler, it ought to work just fine on Arduino, provided I use a device with enough memory.

The name is appalling (please suggest a better one. I have no skill for that sort of thing), but the idea is, I think, sort of fun. I doubt it's a new idea by any means, but it's new to me.

Blogging like it's 1999

12/22/2014 11:40 PM


Back in 1999, and actually before, I had a blog, before the word blog existed. It sucked.

At any rate, I'm going to use this page to chronicle my projects, and hopefully to force me to work on them, by public announcement and accountability.