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If you like classical music check out Sweet Jehosavan's debut single, "Windy Night in Phoenix"!!! Sweet Jehosavan - Windy Night in Phoenix


Check out my debut single!


Sweet Jehosavan - Windy Night in Phoenix


Sweet Jehosavan - Windy Night in Phoenix

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Sweet Jehosavan - Windy Night in Phoenix

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Sweet Jehosavan - Windy Night in Phoenix


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Posting some music I've recorded yesterday during the lunch hour just for fun. They all need a lot of polishing, but the bones are there. All original wor k by me. By the way on Firefox it gets rendered wrong. One song gets repeated in 3 of the 5 embedded links. Other browsers don't show this problem.


Well it's just me and the admin on Squiggle City. I miss his Squiggle City Herald news emails. Apparently I've had access to this account for a lot longer than I thought. Wow 2016? Where has all the time gone? I have not used you for much little server, but it's comforting to see that you are always there. I hope to just keep updating this blog at the very least. And maybe use you as a calculator every once in a while. Carry on Squiggle City, carry on.


Hey Squiggle City what's new? It's been almost a year since I last logged into you. Well What has happened lately in my computer world...I've sold my first vintage computer last week. It was a mostly functional SGI O2 with 128 MB of RAM and an 18GB or so hard disk. It still ran IRIX! I had a bit of Nekoware installed on it. But I have not used it very much since getting married. And now I'm into fountain pens. It's amazing how much these old machine go for on EBay right now! I'll have enough for a very expensive pen just by selling one of them! I have three more to sell! Plus my collection of Sun Ultra 10's,which will probably need more love and attention to get back to running condition. The house will clean up nicely after all is said and done. I'm going to keep quite a few though. Mainly my old Macs, the Itanium servers, and my two NextStation Color pizza boxes. But the SGI and Sun hardware is going to go. I never got the space and time to set up my network cluster that I always dreamed about. And now it's so much easier, and probably cheaper, to do that on the cloud. Number crunching gets cheaper and cheaper every year it seems. No point keeping old gear that comes nowhere near to keeping up. And the old gear isn't useful for industry either. They all eventually have to upgrade, I know we did at my job. Everything is becoming ARM or x86, they have won the battle, and I could get a boatload of Raspberry Pi Zero W's for the price of one SGI O2 being sold on EBay. They are still not quite as powerful as the SGI O2, but time will tell if they catch up.


Hey Squiggle City how's it going? I have not posted something in this blog for-ever! Over a year ago???? Wow! Well I'm glad you are still running. So many other servers have died last year. It was a real bummer. But this year I've been writing in my notebooks a lot, and I have an Alphasmart Dana that I hope to use to transcribe my handwritten notes into something bloggable. So here's to a new beginning with you, Squiggle City, and myself!


Happy Monday everybody! Well on this fine Monday I get to blog about life on Squiggle City. What a treat for me! I don't get a chance to blog here very often, since all of my blogs are on a daily rotation, and if that day falls within the weekend I normally don't have time to write. It's time for me to go to work now though, so I will have to cut this update short. Maybe I'll expand upon it during the lunch hour.


I'm glad at least this server is still running! Woohoo thanks squiggle city!


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I'm glad that squiggle city is still working. I wonder why I can't log into rudimentarylathe and noiseandsignal.


It's a bright morning here at work. I just finished generating the repair files for two arrays after wasting an hour researching how to solve Boltzmann's Equation using Maple or some other computer software. I found some interesting Fortran code for the Tops-10 machine I have access to. Going to have to try compiling that during my lunch hour. In other news I'm daydreaming about fixing my Tandy Model 100 and then connecting an Arduino Mega to it's serical port to act as a numeric co-processor. That will be a fun project for the upcoming lunch hours.

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