Productivity Fatigue

2015-12-28 01:55:00 UTC

After several weeks of high productivity at work and in my personal life, I finally hit the wall. This doesn’t surprise me, nor has it caused any serious issues in my personal life, but deep down, I know that I followed an unsustainable pace and that people must take breaks to keep a healthy outlook on things.

A year ago, I talked about the importance of fun for programmers. It would seem that it is time to take my own advice.

The FORTH programming language has always intrigued me but I never let myself explore it because:

  1. It’s weird. Like, weirder than Lisp weird.
  2. Few people use it anymore
  3. I should spend my freetime doing useful things.

Well, it’s break time, and I’m throwing practicality out the window. During this break period, I will devote my free time to FORTH projects. And only if it’s fun. And never if it’s useful.

How long of a break will I take? 40 hours of free time seems reasonable.

Here we go!