m     m  mmm     #     mmm    mmm   mmmmm   mmm  
"m m m" #"  #    #    #"  "  #" "#  # # #  #"  # 
 #m#m#  #""""    #    #      #   #  # # #  #"""" 
  # #   "#mm"    "mm  "#mm"  "#m#"  # # #  "#mm" 
 _____ ___           /\/|        ____ ___ _______   __
|_   _/ _ \         |/\/        / ___|_ _|_   _\ \ / /  
  | || | | |                   | |    | |  | |  \ V / 
  | || |_| |  s q u i g g le   | |___ | |  | |   | |  
  |_| \___/                     \____|___| |_|   |_|

squiggle.city is a unix server in the spirit of tilde.club. It's for making web pages and learning about the command line. If you are reading userland, which is about how to unix, this is a place to explore the ideas it contains.

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~jbdJosh Datko's Squiggle City Site1721670001
~avalynavalyn at squiggle dot city1718269776
~frencilFrencil's Corner ~ Home1619938332
~ericwelcome to squiggle city1613597211
~jovanwelcome to squiggle city1593540410
~dawnbreezeflying toaster dreams1557250772
~aniruddhAniruddh Nishad Web Page - squiggle.city1556601715
~joeJoe's page1533916899
~thciprianiTyler's Squiggle Times1528224206
~m455m455's cottage on the web1517976627
~rowenasomeday is chartreuse1485596228
~todduniontown labs ~ notebook1481515228
~acgacg on squiggle1480104880
~orbbEmscripten-Generated Code1469957848
~stevenwelcome to squiggle city1469663297
~burnedboardrabble rabble rabble1461869012
~uninventiveUninventive With No Directive1458414507
~lobsterThe Lobster Den 1451711365
~brennen~brennen (prop., ed., pub., sysop)1450423638
~randyBest at room temperature1446216629
~mmmporkwelcome to squiggle city1436898308
~jonnywelcome to squiggle city1432359157
~willawawwelcome to squiggle city1431996663
~gendalewelcome to squiggle city1431728906
~lainfinitywelcome to squiggle city1428355542
~el_seanowelcome to squiggle city1428087167
~paxhello, server computer!1428029220
~tonicorinneHello, my name is...1423719820
~erikWelcome to ~erik @ squiggle city1422828706
~stilldavidstilldavid @ ~C1422148887
~robacarp creating osx contacts in a group from a spreadsheet, or something like a contacts-merge, updated 2015-01-15 1421340430
~dandan @ squiggle.city1421140534
~normwelcome to squiggle city1421038174
~greyhound40welcome to squiggle city1421038091
~imt~imt @ squiggle.city1420842469
~heatherh's page1419443954
~nallen"Oh, you're ~nallen me! Cool!"1419442744
~cvkcvk @ squiggle1418962884
~chrisatthestudyAlien Sand and the Cry of Strange Birds1418834527
~jjessewelcome to squiggle city1418832867
~ktbwelcome to squiggle city1418687595
~koloskuswelcome to squiggle city1418430194
~purdmanKevin Purdy's squiggle1418307455
~wesleywelcome to squiggle city1418170833
~mattwelcome to squiggle city1418169793
~isjaldwelcome to squiggle city1418168602
~pukajumpwelcome to squiggle city1417897459
~shungitewelcome to squiggle city1417894459
~madduckwelcome to squiggle city1417894088
~apostl3polwelcome to squiggle city1417826521
~tobinwelcome to squiggle city1417826383
~loganwelcome to squiggle city1417815250
~skotchandsodawelcome to squiggle city1417788356
~starwelcome to squiggle city1417724251
~skmrwelcome to squiggle city1417716845
~abwelcome to squiggle city1416845207
~ianremsenwelcome to squiggle city1416533659
~kache2kwelcome to squiggle city1416104685
~nickSource file1415844460
~danlykeA Curmudgeonly Place1415408660
~bri_huangwelcome to squiggle city1415106171
~deliowelcome to squiggle city1414794037
~leducmillswelcome to squiggle city1414790419
~trevorwelcome to squiggle city1414782228
~pearcebotwelcome to squiggle city1414782002
~mshorterwelcome to squiggle city1414781604
~mikeI literally can't even..1414779944
~nightlizwelcome to nightliz's home on squiggle city1414779873
~typexawesomewelcome to squiggle city1414767745
~kirstenrkwelcome to squiggle city1414707042
~sgmustadiowelcome to squiggle city1414705548
~sibiclewelcome to squiggle city1414704373
~drunwelcome to squiggle city1414702689
~berkaywelcome to squiggle city1414382034
~fazolempirical regret1414007199
~ahavawelcome to squiggle city1414006494
~skkwelcome to squiggle city1413934282

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